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Living a Core Marketing Philosophy – The McDonald’s Way at Caspers Company

On May 25th Bob Conigliaro – VP of Community Relations at the Caspers Company – was Tampa Bay AMA’s featured keynote luncheon speaker. He boiled down his executive marketing and public relations job description into two words – generating happiness – and further claiming that it’s the primary reason that Casper’s stores generate nearly 30%

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Visual marketing and communication: It’s important to show your work

By Mike Stephenson Your Facebook feed is cluttered with photos, videos and graphics. Your attention constantly bounces from checking your Twitter feed to skimming your email to thumbing out a text-message reply. But what do you remember? What communication is breaking through? Increasingly, it’s visual marketing and communication. While studies show people remember 10 percent

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Ad Blocking: Good or Bad for Advertising Industry?

There is a growing debate in the industry about ad-blocking and its potential to threaten the advertising ecosystem. Today, blocker usage growth is fueling contentious dialog between ad-blocking software companies and ad-supported content providers. Blocking – What is it? The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) defines ad-blocking as the technology that consumers use to prevent the

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2016 Presidential Election Marketing Lessons

As marketers, the 2016 Election offers a dynamic view of the evolution of social media and data-driven initiatives. Brand managers jump to the campaign trail to learn the best practices from the “the wildest and most outrageous presidential election cycle in decades,” according to Adweek. While social media’s transforming role in this election needs to be addressed, is there more to know about campaign marketing for 2016?

3 Great Takeaways From Russ Klein’s Presentation

AMA Tampa Bay hosted a very engaging event on May 19th at the Center Club in Tampa. Russ Klein, CEO at The American Marketing Association, spoke about his experiences from his CMO days with Burger King Corporation, Arby’s Restaurant Group and other well-known brands.  If you weren’t at the event, you could have followed the

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Marketer of the Year Recap

AMA Tampa Bay held its inaugural Marketer of the Year (MOY) event Wednesday, March 23rd at the Centre Club. The ceremony recognized those marketers judged to deliver the best results-driven work in 2015. Attendees were welcomed with beautiful views of the Bay Area and jazz music during an opening reception. The dinner ceremony was emceed by

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The AMA Tampa Bay Winning Super Bowl Ad Is…..

AMA Tampa Bay members gathered to hear advertising expert Scott Sheinberg, Executive Vice President of 22squared, discuss Super Bowl Advertising. We watched 16 ads and voted on one winner. With many years of experience as a creative director, Scott educated all of us on what makes a good Super Bowl ad, and here are the main

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A Personal Perspective on Super Bowl Commercials and More

As a preview for the 2nd Annual Big Game Ad Watch Party (click here for more information), we did a short interview with our emcee Scott Sheinberg, Executive VP of 22squared. Q: What Super Bowl ad campaigns have you seen in the past that have succeeded in creating a fully three-dimensional ad experience? A: “Dove has been

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Facebook: Interactive Articles

Facebook’s Instant Articles provide publishers the opportunity to insert fast, interactive articles in Facebook news feeds.    Publishers like the New York Times, Buzzfeed, and National Geographic were some of the first to use this when it launched earlier this year.  However, there was some concern voiced by users upon launch. Now, Facebook listened to the

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Apps for Marketing Gurus

There are quite a few apps useful to marketers. The apps listed here focus on organizing information, managing social media, managing contacts, blogging, and web analytics/SEO. This list only scratches the surface in terms of informing marketers about useful apps. However, the apps on this list can be useful to almost any business.