The term engagement drips from the lips of marketing practitioners as a measure of how involved customers are with our brands, products and services. But can and should engagement be measured beyond traditional digital metrics like clicks, likes, shares and comments?

Neuromarketing – a new field in marketing that uses biometrics to study the brain’s response to marketing stimuli – will be the subject of our June Workshop Series. Large companies like Disney, Raymond James and Oppenheimer Funds have discovered behavioral, attentional and emotional insights through Neuromarketing that has added a sensory dimension to their marketing campaigns that drives engagement on a visceral level.

Adrian Tennant and Terri Cordova-Hewitt – co-founders of Blue Kite Insights – will be educating attendees on the principles of Neuromarketing and demonstrate how it combines digital user experience with learnings from neuroscience to predict the effectiveness of marketing communications. Adrian develops research processes, facilitates study designs, formulates data-driven insights and is a member of the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association and the User Experience Professionals Association. Terri has 20 years of client and agency experience and specializes in strategic brand planning & engagement, bilingual test moderation and developing breakthrough consumer insights.

Key Workshop Learnings:

  1. How insights drawn from biometric testing can help improve your marketing performance.
  1. How observing consumers’ eye movements can help assess the design of creative and improve conversion rates.
  1. The role subconscious emotional responses play in predicting the effectiveness of TV spots and digital video.
  1. The physical “tells” that reveal consumers’ innermost feelings.
  1. Emerging technologies that promise to make biometric-based marketing research methods more accessible.
  1. Attendees will have the opportunity to submit brochures, emails, websites or TV spots that they would like to be tested. The first 5 members to sign-up with a submission request will get to have their creative assets tested by Blue Kite’s research tools! This will be part of the workshop and you will receive full analysis of your assets.

When | Tuesday, June 13, 2017
Time |  8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Location | Nonprofit Leadership Center- Tampa, 1401 N. Westshore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607

Price | Members $15 | Non-members $10 | Students $5

Parking is available at the NNI location.

*Online registration closes Monday, June 12 at 5pm Eastern. Event day walk-up registrations incur an additional $5 charge.