As marketers, we all know what a rebrand is, but why do we sometimes have an uncomfortable perception of it? Our human reaction to change is often fear, but rebranding does not mean that your business is failing, and it should not ignite dread either. In reality, rebranding is an opportunity to enhance results for your company and make it more relevant to your audiences. A rebrand is the start of an exciting new chapter. Especially in the world of non-profit arts and culture, a rebrand can help make the task of marketing a history center interesting and relevant to the community.

And that is exactly what the Tampa Bay History Center did. How do you make conquistadors cool? How do you make Florida history feel like it is part of the present? And beyond that, how do you get noticed despite a limited marketing budget? For Manny Leto, Director of Marketing and Communications at TBHC, a rebrand was part of the answer.

At this month’s keynote luncheon, Manny will discuss why it is so important to understand why and when a rebrand is necessary, and how to build consensus in order to implement it. He will talk through measures of success and how to track ROI on a rebrand, using the TBHC’s own success as an example.

We will also hear about the unique challenges of marketing a museum and how Manny has pushed the needle to produce unique and relevant marketing that paints the Tampa Bay History Center in an intriguing and interesting light for the community.

Join AMA Tampa Bay for our October Keynote Luncheon, featuring our special guest Manny Leto, Director of Marketing and Communications at the Tampa Bay History Center, who will share an exclusive look inside the recent rebrand of the history center and the unique challenges and successes of marketing in the world of nonprofit arts and culture.

Key Learnings:

  1. Hear new perspectives on why and when it is necessary to rebrand
  2. Discover how to build consensus and implement change in a traditional organization
  3. Learn about the processes of developing content and marketing that pushes the needle
  4. Discover how you can establish your organization as an authority and become the source for facts and thought leadership in your industry
  5. Get tips on leveraging PR, earned media and partnerships to accomplish your marketing goals


When | October 18, 2018

Location | Holiday Inn Westshore – 700 N Westshore Blvd, 33609, Tampa; FL

Time | 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Price | AMA Tampa Bay Members $30 | Non-Members $50 | Students $25 | Walk-up an
additional $5


*Online registration closes October 16 at 5pm Eastern. Event day walk-up registrations incur an additional $5 charge.

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