Month: February 2019

Our new focus: Gen Z

Decades ago, consumers would adapt their wants and needs to what was offered in the market. This dynamic has changed as consumers now have a voice and companies are the ones who must adapt. Companies carefully listen to different consumer segments in the market. Marketers struggled when it came to targeting millennials because of their

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The Top 5 Strategies for Reaching Seniors with Direct Mail

Seniors play a significant role as consumers in today’s market. However, this older demographic can be harder to reach via online channels due to their reduced presence online. While this challenge may deter companies purely focused on digital marketing to reach customers, there is ample opportunity to reach senior audiences through direct mail. Direct mail

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Volunteer of the Quarter: Amy Auerbach

Congratulations to our Q4 Volunteer of the Quarter – Amy Auerbach! Amy actually fills not just one, but TWO volunteer roles for AMA Tampa Bay – she is the Director of Event Logistics on the Programming committee and Director of Stage Management on the Marketer of the Year committee. Amy is an essential part of

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