Month: November 2018

The Top Four Reasons Millennials Love Getting Direct Mail

As online advertising channels become ever more crowded vying for consumers’ attention, direct mail remains a steadfast and reliable advertising medium for reaching your perfect consumer. Despite society’s love of technology, particularly among millennials, direct mail is more valuable than ever now that people are being constantly bombarded with online ads and offers. The United

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Influencer Marketing is Here to Stay

The influencer marketing industry has increased rapidly over the past few years. While some argue that the industry has become widely over saturated, influencer marketing is certainly here to stay. Influencer content is a form of testimonial advertising that establishes trust between the brand and consumer. Due to the changing behavior of consumers, influencer marketing

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Help Others, Help Yourself, and Enjoy Every Minute of It!

Have you thought about volunteering, but just haven’t had a chance to make it happen yet?  You’re not alone… it’s a commitment that’s difficult to make when you consider how much time we already put into our careers, friends, and family. Eventually, the people that make that commitment choose to donate their time for a

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