Month: October 2018

Direct Mail Marketing Strategies for 2019

Our long-time direct mail and printing sponsor, Genesis Direct, has some insight into direct mail marketing strategies for 2019. Read on to learn why you should be considering direct mail as a tactic for marketing your business. What Marketers Need to Know The year 2019 will witness greater changes in direct mail marketing as it

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What Does the Future of Customer Experience Look Like?

AMA Marketing News looked at 10 industries to find out how CX is evolving. What we found: More technology, more speed and higher expectations will force companies to evolve or be left behind.​ ​If you want to know what the future of customer experience will look like, just picture today’s customer journey with more speed,

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2018 Marketer of the Year Q&A

It’s nearly that time again – the time to start thinking about your company’s results-driven work that could make you the next Marketer of the Year! With our submission period opening soon, we sat down with our VP of Marketer of the Year, Ariel Gibbs, for a Q&A session and a sneak peak at what

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