Month: November 2017

7 Ways You’re Harming Your Website Without Realizing It

Your website is your baby. It impacts your reputation, generates leads, builds credibility, and answers questions, and more. If you’re not a developer or an SEO, there’s a chance that your website could have problems that you don’t recognize and that Google is penalizing you in search rankings. Here are seven common mistakes businesses make

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Dali Museum "Dreams of Dali" virtual reality experience

‘Dreams of Dali’ virtual reality proves a real success

By Mike Stephenson Few think of museums as cutting edge, but when your institution is devoted to surrealist artist Salvador Dali you learn to open your mind to possibilities. “He really gives us permission to experiment,” said Kathy Greif, chief operating officer of the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg in a presentation Nov. 16 to

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