Month: June 2016

Ad Blocking: Good or Bad for Advertising Industry?

There is a growing debate in the industry about ad-blocking and its potential to threaten the advertising ecosystem. Today, blocker usage growth is fueling contentious dialog between ad-blocking software companies and ad-supported content providers. Blocking – What is it? The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) defines ad-blocking as the technology that consumers use to prevent the

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Brand Ambassador Programs – Tips from Coca-Cola

AMA Tampa Bay welcomed Christy Amador – Coca-Cola’s Sr. Communications Manager – as its guest speaker for the chapter’s June lunch event, which was held on Thursday, June 16th. More than 100 marketers attended the luncheon at Tampa’s Crowne Plaza Westshore Hotel. “Everybody Needs to Feel Love” Amador leads Coca-Cola’s Brand Ambassador Program. The program’s

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2016 Presidential Election Marketing Lessons

As marketers, the 2016 Election offers a dynamic view of the evolution of social media and data-driven initiatives. Brand managers jump to the campaign trail to learn the best practices from the “the wildest and most outrageous presidential election cycle in decades,” according to Adweek. While social media’s transforming role in this election needs to be addressed, is there more to know about campaign marketing for 2016?

How Coca-Cola® Maintains Brand Loyalty in a Changing Environment

Coca-Cola® is an iconic global brand that has exemplified brand loyalty throughout its 125 year history of success. The brand has retained its popularity amidst economic downturns, changing consumption patterns, and increased concern over healthy eating and drinking habits. How has Coca-Cola® achieved this?  Christy Amador – Senior Communications Manager at Coca-Cola® will soon explain the answer to

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