Month: June 2015

A Crawl to Remember

All aboard! Hop on the bus, make a new connection and enjoy the ride. There’s nothing more exciting than a field trip for professionals.  That was the mantra for the 2015 AMA Summer Agency Crawl, which proved to be bigger, better and bolder than ever before.   Saving the Day! – Connectivity Marketing & Media Agency Founder

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Meet our Sponsor, Ryan G Photo – Soon to be Ryan G Productions

  Ryan G Photo, AMA Tampa Bay’s photography sponsor, is a branding company specialized in photos, video production, and web design.  If you’ve attended an AMA Tampa Bay event, you’ve probably been asked to smile for the camera or you’ve seen the post-event slide show on our Facebook page.   It’s the photographer’s job to tell

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Meet Our Sponsor Odato Marketing Group

      “G-r-r-eat” and Always Getting Better About Rich “They’re G-r-r-eat!” “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin.” “You ate it, Ralph!” These classic lines from a golden age of advertising were among the first words spoken by a diaper-sporting toddler from Pittsburgh named Rich Odato. Rich’s parents say he loved to act out TV commercials

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