Month: March 2015

3 Ways to Get Millennials Into Your Doctor’s Office

I am only one person and do not aim to speak on behalf of all Millennials (young adults born between 1980 and 1999). However, I’ll have you know that I did just score a 94% on the How Millennial Are You quiz conducted by the Pew Research Center ( This is a great resource, by

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Building Your Brand in HealthCare

“Every brand makes promises. When a brand consistently fulfills its promises, it builds brand loyalty.” — Leke Alder, International Author To successfully build or redefine your healthcare brand, there’s a single component you must identify before you start — your brand platform. What is a brand platform? A brand platform establishes a foundation on which

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Diving in Headfirst

What in the world is AMA Tampa Bay? A while ago, I had no idea what it was. I vaguely remember reading an article in which the author said that joining a professional organization would benefit me after graduate school. “Leave it to the overachievers,” I’d say. Between pursuing a career, graduate school, household chores, being

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