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Visual marketing and communication: It’s important to show your work

By Mike Stephenson Your Facebook feed is cluttered with photos, videos and graphics. Your attention constantly bounces from checking your Twitter feed to skimming your email to thumbing out a text-message reply. But what do you remember? What communication is breaking through? Increasingly, it’s visual marketing and communication. While studies show people remember 10 percent

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February Keynote Luncheon Event: Does Your Brand Need a Makeover?

Every brand needs a refresh once in a while, but doing so successfully may not be what you think. We often associate rebranding with a new logo, colors, and copywriting… but it’s much more fundamental than that. Dale Carnegie Training was founded over 100 years ago and has evolved into a global training company delivering

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Sweet Tips on Social Media Marketing from Krispy Kreme®

Krispy Kreme is an exemplar of brand building success in the social media world in an industry facing significant challenges resulting from changing consumer attitudes and preferences. According to Kelley O’Brien – Krispy Kreme’s Director of Social Media Marketing – the reason for Krispy Kreme’s success revolves around how the company chooses social media channels,

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Brand Ambassador Programs – Tips from Coca-Cola

AMA Tampa Bay welcomed Christy Amador – Coca-Cola’s Sr. Communications Manager – as its guest speaker for the chapter’s June lunch event, which was held on Thursday, June 16th. More than 100 marketers attended the luncheon at Tampa’s Crowne Plaza Westshore Hotel. “Everybody Needs to Feel Love” Amador leads Coca-Cola’s Brand Ambassador Program. The program’s

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Maximizing use of Content on Social Media: How to Create a lot From a Little

Imagine being told to create roughly 1,000 pieces of unique content from just 30. Imagine that your supervisors, your colleagues, and the public will judge the quality of your newly created content, and that the quality of your content will impact your company’s success. Welcome to the world of a social media manager. They face

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How IKEA uses Analytics to Shape the Customer Journey

On April 21st, Mary Lunghi, Market Intelligence Director of furniture retail giant IKEA, will speak to AMA Tampa Bay members about how data influences the customer experience. Anyone who has visited IKEA knows it is far from the typical furniture retailer. The reason has much to do with data, and Lunghi sits at the helm of IKEA’s data collection and analysis.

Marketer of the Year Recap

AMA Tampa Bay held its inaugural Marketer of the Year (MOY) event Wednesday, March 23rd at the Centre Club. The ceremony recognized those marketers judged to deliver the best results-driven work in 2015. Attendees were welcomed with beautiful views of the Bay Area and jazz music during an opening reception. The dinner ceremony was emceed by

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1st AMA Tampa Bay Hall of Fame Award goes to…

The  AMA Tampa Bay’s first Hall of Fame Award goes to……. At the Marketer of the Year awards ceremony on March 23rd, the Publix marketing team will be honored as the inaugural winner of AMA Tampa Bay’s Hall of Fame. Publix Super Markets has a tradition of distinguishing themselves in the marketing community with campaigns

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