Click the link below to see the VR Experience at the Dali Museum

VR is a new marketing tool that can help us share experiences with our customers like never before. Click the link below to explore a famous Dali painting through VR, and consider joining AMA TB for a Keynote Breakfast at the Dali on November 16th.

US Latino Population Growth in US

U.S. Latino Population Growth and Dispersion Has Slowed Since Onset of the Great Recession    

VR Can Drive Revenue, Profit and Customer Loyalty

NEW DATE FOR THIS EVENT IS NOVEMBER 16TH. If you’ve ever seen the movie Night at the Museum starring Ben Stiller, you saw a CMO’s worst nightmare as the Museum of Natural History in NYC is portrayed as a metaphorical dinosaur whose static historical representations were quickly becoming no match for today’s digital avatars. That

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CMI’s Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Process – Audiences First

As I stood next to my fellow Tampa Bay AMA members and watched Joe Pulizzi write “Be Epic” in my newly published Content Inc. book, I thought… how appropriate.  Pulizzi, one of the world’s leading experts on content marketing presented at The University of Tampa’s Vaughn Center, framed by Tampa Bay and the Downtown Tampa

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Neuromarketing Research Workshop – What Consumers See, Read and Pay Attention To

Members of Tampa Bay AMA had the opportunity to hear from Terry Cordova-Hewitt and Adrian Tennant, co-founders of BlueKite Insights. Blue Kite Insight provides its clients with a deeper look into the “why” of consumer decision-making. The technical term is neuromarketing, but this workshop better defined it as the study of human behavior and decision-making.

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Living a Core Marketing Philosophy – The McDonald’s Way at Caspers Company

On May 25th Bob Conigliaro – VP of Community Relations at the Caspers Company – was Tampa Bay AMA’s featured keynote luncheon speaker. He boiled down his executive marketing and public relations job description into two words – generating happiness – and further claiming that it’s the primary reason that Casper’s stores generate nearly 30%

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Marketing the McDonald’s Way. Learn how Tampa based McDonald’s Franchisee – Caspers Company – delivers nearly 30% higher revenue than the national average for McDonald’s Restaurants.

McDonald’s is the largest fast food chain in the world. They serve 68 million customers per day in 120 countries from more than 35,000 restaurants. If you visit a McDonald’s in the Tampa Bay area, it’s most likely owned and operated by the Caspers Company, which is now being ably managed by the third generation

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Healthcare Marketing in Tampa Bay Needs to Focus on Patients as Consumers

By Mike Stephenson As healthcare marketing in Tampa Bay and elsewhere becomes increasingly competitive, Jim Jacobsohn advises doing what any marketer would do: “Think about your strengths … and advertise the heck out of them,” he told the crowd of nearly three dozen at the American Marketing Association of Tampa Bay Healthcare Shared Interest Group

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